Our Family Story

UsBack in 2006, at the tender age of 22 I moved from Brazil to California for a marketing internship. Two weeks later, I found a great church, and lo and behold, my future husband David was inside. We didn’t figure it out right away though, but I’m grateful for the time we spent in oblivious friendship, since that’s how we realized we were each other’s home away from home.

So fast forward to 2009, on our first anniversary trip to Disney World. The excess of children must’ve inspired us, because less than a month later, we were pregnant. Funny thing is, before that, my mom had a dream that I’d had a baby girl named “Quickly”. Melissa came fast indeed, and we still struggle to catch her as she zooms around the house.

In 2011, we lived in California, and started to miss our families far away. At this point, Melissa was an active toddler, and it broke my heart  to think of all the love she didn’t get to enjoy from our relatives. She needed more playmates than her tired parents! This led us to two important decisions: to have another baby and make the move to Texas, David’s home state.

Andrew was born in 2012, and soon we were thrilled to be able to buy a house (which would’ve never happened in California). Life seemed  just right – a girl, a boy and a mortgage. We even got a dog to complete the picture lol. But when we thought of the future, something was still missing. Not that we missed an extra change of diapers; but in ten years, would we miss another child?

The answer was yes. And in the quest of not having the youngest growing too far apart from the oldest, we decided to stop birth control right away, with Andrew just 8 months old. A lot of people thought we were crazy, and we kind of did too. Still, the family we wanted was clear. And if we had to pay the price of a couple of crazy years at first, so be it.

Around Christmastime, I felt like I could be pregnant, but then had a negative test. I thought, “probably for the best, wouldn’t want to be nauseated during the holidays.” Turned out it was just too early to be detected. And yes, I did have miserable dinner parties, but the sickness came with an excited feeling that it’d be a girl. Staring at my in-laws luscious tree decorations, I decided her name would be Holly, and that I’d never forget how much joy she brought to our lives – even in the midst of chaos.


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