Nice to Meet You

profile picWelcome to my blog! I hope you’ll find encouragement as a mom and/or a writer. And if you’re neither, I hope you don’t find I’m completely out of it.

Because you see, both writing and motherhood require a decent amount of crazy. I’d say it’s not for the faint of heart – as I type this with one hand while balancing a nursing baby in the other AND standing near the kitchen counter to make sure the big kids don’t destroy it TOO much.

Yep. That’s my life. If I’d heard about it long ago, my guess is that I wouldn’t feel up to it. Or at least wouldn’t feel capable of changing diapers, separating toddler fights, keeping a livable-clean house AND still pursuing a writing career. I’d think I would’ve lost my mind long before any of this happened.

But here I am! Keeping (or attempting to keep) things together, mind lost and all. I rest in the fact that the One who’s called me for both motherhood and writing will see me through to the end. Even if it is the end of me sometimes.

What about you – what’s your experience with trying to follow your passion and raise kids? I’d love to know. Written interruptions are always welcome :).



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