What’s New This Year for You?

Happy New Year everybody! I’m still allowed to say this, right? Hope y’all had a great holiday break and feel ready to tackle the new year. You don’t? Well, that’s okay too :).

I’m starting to understand that in order to reach a goal, I need to be at peace with where I’m at as well. Not conformity to where I’m at – but not lack of confidence in it either. You might not be satisfied with the way your body/life looks right now, but in order to improve it you need to BELIEVE in their value right. This. Second.

Low self-esteem paralyses us. You’ll get NOWHERE if you beat yourself up for where you’re at. Just like you would with a dear friend or family member, you need to see the possibilities. Remember, the people you love most aren’t perfect either. But you appreciate them for what they are. And you should do the same for you.

On my new video, I talk specifically about fitness goals. The same truths can be applied to every area of your life. Don’t resolve to make a change in a form of punishment. Do it as a reward to who you KNOW you can be.

Cheers to an awesome start of 2017!

Much love,