Thanksgiving Game Plan


I know my game plan for the day AFTER Thanksgiving! #gilmoregirlsrevival

Hey y’all! Is everybody ready to eat more than we should on Thanksgiving and then obsess over Christmas? :)

I confess, just over a week ago, I wasn’t. As fun as the festivities sounded, the prospect of HAVING to be festive paralyzed me.

For over thinkers like me, even excitement can feel like hard work. What I’ve usually done in past holidays was let my expectations go so high in my head that I just KNEW reality wouldn’t measure up.

Unless, I thought, I worked really REALLY hard. And work I did. But my fantasy of perfect Thanksgiving/Christmas celebrations never came out just so.

Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we put conditions on our minds before we can allow ourselves to feel good enough?

The reason, I believe, isn’t all negative – striving to make something good happen is exciting (especially when that something good does happen). The problem is when we put limits on what we’re able to consider “good.”

What’s a good holiday season for you? One when all your plans work out to a T?

How about being content with just that – being content? That’s MY big goal of this year. I still want to do a bunch of wonderful things, but now I know that unless we’re enjoying ourselves, they’ll be worthless. I don’t want to have a picture-perfect Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Years and still be miserable. Still have no peace. Still be freaking out about the next thing I HAVE to accomplish, or else all is lost.

I don’t know what your game plan is this Thanksgiving – if it’s to travel to visit family, or just stay home and start decorating for Christmas. Whatever it is, don’t let it overtake you. Don’t let life’s NORMAL disturbances make you feel like you’re “not doing it right.”

Hope y’all have a wonderful, as-stress-free-as-possible Thanksgiving week! If you need more inspiration to cut yourself some slack, here’s my latest video. Please share it with your friends who need to BREATHE this holiday season and don’t forget to *SUBSCRIBE*!

Much love,



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