The Day I Got Dressed Up as a Book

It’s here!!!! I remember seeing this dress on Facebook and thinking how it was so out of my reach. Little did I know that God heard even that small cry of my heart.

Alright, I’m being a little dramatic over a dress. But it’s not JUST a dress. It’s a reminder that in just over TWO WEEKS I’ll be at the ACFW conference in Nashville – another miracle. I didn’t think I’d be able to go. Like I also didn’t think I’d ever afford such a cool handmade dress from Etsy.

Well, once realizing I’d be able to spend a whole weekend SANS KIDS in a nice hotel for the sole purpose talking/thinking/hearing about writing (THANKYOUJESUS), I wanted to find a dress for their gala night. I thought one of my casual dresses would work, but a few texts with my author (also conference-attendee) friend Betsy St. Amant confirmed my fears: I only had day dresses. I needed a NIGHT one. Gosh, I hadn’t worn one of those in years.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was looking forward to shopping. But in the back of my head, I still had that picture I’d seen on Facebook – “the dress that got away” (’cause I was too poor for it lol).

So with my faith like a mustard seed, I looked it up on Etsy, juuust in case there’d be a crazy sale or something. Guess what – there was!! And get this: there was only ONE left. In MY size. I just about died. (and prayed my heart out it’d actually fit)

Now I’m happy to report that I have received the dress and yes, it does zip all the way! :D

book dress

It has a passage from “Wuthering Heights” (please forgive the kids’ bathroom dirty mirror :)

I CANNOT WAIT to actually enjoy a gala dinner at the conference this time. On the two I’ve been to before, I was too nervous to have any fun at all. The first was during my first conference and I’d been feeling self-conscious throughout the whole weekend (plus I was 6 months pregnant so I felt huge).  The other was in 2012 when I won Genesis in the Contemporary Fiction category – and I know, that’s awesome, but I was PETRIFIED. So afraid of either losing or winning (’cause then I’d have to get up there). Plus I had a baby to go back to in my hotel room, so it’s not like I could party all night.

This time I can!! Wooohooo (though the thought of sleeping sounds more exciting to me). Even if I don’t, I CAN lol. I’ll have no baby (or milk) in, out or around me anymore. Not complaining about those days, but they did keep me from being completely present in the moment. But this time, nothing can stop me. I’ll be there, selfie-ing and twirling my “book dress” (as I affectionally call it) around. Should be some nice footage for my Youtube channel!

Speaking of which, have you seen my latest video? It’s not writing-related, but still fun, if I may say so myself :). Check it out:

Writer friends – will I see you at the conference? And everyone, have you ever bought a piece of clothing that meant so much more than the actual thing? Please let me know in the comments (just click on the number next to the title).

Hope y’all are having a great Summer,