Happy First Week of Summer!

How’s yours so far? Keeping cool? We’re trying, although in Texas that means more trips to Target and Chick-fil-A than we can afford :).

Wish I could say I’m an outdoorsy mom who doesn’t mind melting in 98 degree weather all day at the park. But instead, I’m on the hunt for as many air conditioned activities as we can find. We did start a tradition of going to the pool in our apartment complex on weekends (when I have David’s extra hands to keep everyone safe). That was even more special last Sunday, while we celebrated Father’s Day.

Speaking of Father’s Day, I also posted another video earlier last week, thinking about those of us missing a daddy right now (or loving someone who does). Please check it out and share with anyone needing to feel wanted (don’t we all?).

As always, if you click on the little *SUBSCRIBE* button I’ll be forever grateful. Numbers help a lot, especially when you’re starting out, so I really appreciate y’all’s support!!

Hope you’re having a fun Summer so far,




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