What do You Think of Subscription Boxes?

During my last pregnancy, in a desperate attempt to think of something other than how uncomfortable I felt waddling around a toddler and a preschooler, I signed up to the now extinct “Mommies First.” Every month I’d get a couple treats for myself, along with at least one for the kids. It was awesome, totally worth the money.

But somewhere along caring for 3 children, I stopped needing an automated reminder to take care of myself. Now, if I need a treat, I’ll go get it, thankyouverymuch (not as often as I’d like, of course, since I have kids to feed). Knowing I’m done having kids has helped me see myself beyond motherhood – which I think is part of the purpose of these boxes for moms (or women in general).

So on my birthday month, I decided to be extra nice to myself and try out a subscription box again. I like that Mommy Mailbox lets you order a single box without auto-enrollment. They also post the box’s contents so if you really must, you can see what you’re getting.

I did a video on their still-available June edition. Check it out! When you’re done, please be a darling and click on that subscribe button :).


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