Happy First Week of Summer!

How’s yours so far? Keeping cool? We’re trying, although in Texas that means more trips to Target and Chick-fil-A than we can afford :).

Wish I could say I’m an outdoorsy mom who doesn’t mind melting in 98 degree weather all day at the park. But instead, I’m on the hunt for as many air conditioned activities as we can find. We did start a tradition of going to the pool in our apartment complex on weekends (when I have David’s extra hands to keep everyone safe). That was even more special last Sunday, while we celebrated Father’s Day.

Speaking of Father’s Day, I also posted another video earlier last week, thinking about those of us missing a daddy right now (or loving someone who does). Please check it out and share with anyone needing to feel wanted (don’t we all?).

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Hope you’re having a fun Summer so far,




What do You Think of Subscription Boxes?

During my last pregnancy, in a desperate attempt to think of something other than how uncomfortable I felt waddling around a toddler and a preschooler, I signed up to the now extinct “Mommies First.” Every month I’d get a couple treats for myself, along with at least one for the kids. It was awesome, totally worth the money.

But somewhere along caring for 3 children, I stopped needing an automated reminder to take care of myself. Now, if I need a treat, I’ll go get it, thankyouverymuch (not as often as I’d like, of course, since I have kids to feed). Knowing I’m done having kids has helped me see myself beyond motherhood – which I think is part of the purpose of these boxes for moms (or women in general).

So on my birthday month, I decided to be extra nice to myself and try out a subscription box again. I like that Mommy Mailbox lets you order a single box without auto-enrollment. They also post the box’s contents so if you really must, you can see what you’re getting.

I did a video on their still-available June edition. Check it out! When you’re done, please be a darling and click on that subscribe button :).

How I Changed My Mind About Food

I never used to think about what I ate. The idea seemed too far-fetched to me – like a waste of time that could’ve been spent eating :). But I forgot to make the connection between what I put in my body with the way my body – and emotions – reacted in return.

In my latest video I talk about the mind shift that changed it all. When I realized I could take charge of my own health, and actually become the person I was supposed to be. Check it out, *SUBSCRIBE* and share it with your friends who might be going through the same!

My Girly Day With Author Betsy St. Amant

You know that friend that you can text whBlog postether you’re having an existential crisis or just a random thought?

As an introvert (a Brazilian one, so that means I have no filter, but I’m still an introvert), I don’t have too many of those. It’s a huge miracle I got married because I need a LOT of alone time. And it takes a very special person for me to be willing to share my lazy Saturday in Barnes & Noble with.

Well, one of those select people in my life happens to be also one of my favorite authors! I don’t think she knows this, but I still get slightly starstruck whenever I see Betsy St. Amant in person. Then I remembered we’ve texted enough about the grossest sides of parenthood and remember this life-sized Barbie is indeed human :).

This great friend drove three whole hours to celebrate the last day of my birthday week with me. We had a just-because makeover at the Hair Bar and Sephora before ending up in our natural habitat: the bookstore, of course.

If you haven’t read Betsy’s books yet, you’re SO missing out. They’re warm, fun and so insightful about human emotions, just like her. I’d start out with her latest – Love Arrives in Pieces – about a former beauty queen rebuilding her life after heartbreak.

Now here’s a little video of our adventures that day! I’d love it if you opened it up on youtube clicked on the red “subscribe” button. It helps me out a LOT (and it’ll let you know whenever I have a new video).

Talk to you more later!