What to Do While You Wait

Hi! I feel like I’ve been making YOU guys wait for a new post for awhile :). Sorry about that. I had to take a little break to focus on other projects.

One of them was preparing for the ACFW conference! This time I didn’t have to travel, but that also meant I could only be there for a day (since there were still kids waiting for me at home). But still, I had a TON of fun catching up with people I usually only interact with online.

Among the many perks of going to an acfw conference: new friends and new shoes!

Among the many perks of going to an acfw conference: new friends and new shoes!

It’s hard to go back to the “real world” after conference. You go from a high of being surrounded by people who inspire you, to back at having to inspire/push yourself.

No one will be there to check whether you’re investing in your writing or not. Only YOU will know – well, you and God.

I’ve discovered that it is actually more important to maintain a Bible-reading/praying routine than a writing routine. Because after you take care of that essencial, everything else you need will come naturally.

Case in point: yesterday, with a big sleep-deprived headache, I braved through my next Bible chapter while drinking coffee and trying to keep 2 of my kids from killing each other.

I wanted nothing more than to close biblegateway.com and go watch a silly video on youtube. Ear phones sounded like a dream. I wasn’t in the mood for reading about how Paul was stranded at sea – not that it wasn’t a good story, but it just seemed too heavy of a subject for my drowsy morning.

Chapter 27 of Acts describes how the boat that took him as a prisoner to Rome got caught in such a bad storm they gave up all hope of being saved. Paul encouraged them, saying he had a vision that God would allow all of them to survive. He did say, though, that “unless these man stay with the ship, you cannot be saved” (verse 31) – so they went as far as cutting off the lifeboat and let it drift away.

He also told them to eat, instead of being afraid of running out of food. Not only they ate all they wanted, but they even lightened the boat by throwing grain into the sea. Soon after that they reached land.

When I read this story, I didn’t have the presence of mind to see any connection to my life. What did that have to with ME? I just needed caffeine. And a nap.

But today, as I woke up more rested, the meaning of it just came to me. This chapter is the perfect manual guide on what to do when we are waiting.

When we feel stranded – not knowing when or how we’ll reach any destination, let alone the one we want. And mind you, the people in the boat were far from perfect: only prisoners and people hired to kill the prisoners if necessary.

Still, God saved them all – if only they would believe He could.

This shows us the 3 basic steps we need to take while we wait (which is an ACTIVE thing to do, not passive!):

  1. Stay on The Boat – fix your eyes on the Place where salvation will come from;
  2. Cut out Temptation to Get Out of the Boat – even if it looks as necessary as a lifeboat in a storm;
  3. Lighten up, and enjoy the ride! – Am I the only one who loves it that eating was part of the plan? :) And just like they threw the grains into the sea to lighten up the ship, we shouldn’t worry about tomorrow either – because we WILL reach our destination.

What about you? What do YOU do while you wait?