Work Out-Motivation Killers

blog postIf you read my last post, then you’re aware of my trying-to-get-fit journey. If not, well, not much to tell lol. I’ve only been at it for a month, BUT as I’m working out every single day (missed only one), I’d like to share what’s kept me motivated.

I’ve tried to do this many times before. And I always thought that the reason why I didn’t stick with it was because I wasn’t a naturally fit person (whatever that means). But now I’m so excited ’cause I think I really found my groove.

Speaking of which, one thing I discovered is that EVERYONE has a “groove” – meaning, we were all made to MOVE. Now, we don’t all move the same way (or have the same preferences/abilities), but contrary to my previous belief, no, none of us is called be a couch potato :).

Turns out I was getting distracted by these workout-motivation killers:

Guilt – When you go “I’d better work out ’cause I’m fat,” instead of “I want to work out ’cause I know I can look better.” See the difference? Movement isn’t punishment, but a reward. Every time you set out to exercise, think that you’re giving a me-time gift to yourself, instead of a bitter beat-myself-up session. No one wants to go back to that!

Comparison – When you start obsessing over keeping up with your super fit friend who’s been at it for years. First of all, what got them there might not necessarily be what will get you there. For them jogging might be what makes them stronger, but for you might be sports, or dancing or whatever. Just try stuff out to find your thing! And don’t even think of comparing your body to theirs. Like that cheesy but true saying goes, “don’t compare your behind the scenes with someone’s highlight reel” (or your fat after a month of working out with someone’s years-long developed muscles).

*little update: on my last post, I said I’d gotten into running, but now I’m much more into strength training instead. I go light though – just 15-20 minutes every morning – but afterwards I feel ready to take on the world. I also try to go on a self-defense class once a week (another thing I had NO idea I was going to like – which is why it’s so important to experiment out of your comfort zone!).

Anxiety – When you obsess over results. I bought a scale and became frustrated whenever I worked extra hard and saw I’d gained a pound that day, or felt as bloated as ever. I started to feel down until I prayed and God reminded me of why I was doing this. The reason I decided to have a healthier living was, first and foremost, to FEEL healthier. Instead of rushing to weight myself every chance I could, I needed to stop and smell the endorphins lol. Just to be able to enjoy the day with my kids or spend days without feeling a debilitating sugar high is a reward in itself. Once I stopped letting the number on the scale dictate my mood, THAT’s when I started noticing changes (probably like that concept that if you watch the water on the stove it will never boil lol).



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