Have Yourself a Simplified Christmas

Christmas card in the making (if I can get to it)

Christmas card in the making (if I can get to it)


That’s all I want for Christmas.  But with three kids 5 and under, that’s pretty much reaching for the moon.

Well, doesn’t that saying go, “shoot for the moon, and if you miss it, you will land among the stars”?

Like when I set out to buy ONE Christmas decoration item with the kids. Sometimes shopping with them works out beautifully, but not today. I ended up the flustered, messy-haired, grumpy mother in the checkout line that childless people want to stay away from, so they won’t catch it lol.

In those moments, I always imagine the person behind me posting on facebook: “Just saw a mom that…” Fill in the blank with the worst description ever. Why do people do that? Posts like this make me cringe because I’m sure I’ve been caught in a “moment” as well. And really, who’s never had a “moment”? Why do we have to immortalize it on facebook?

Anyway, today I had a good reminder that not everyone judges. While I took more than a minute to exit the checkout line, a nice lady helped me put the bags into my cart (you know, for the millions of groceries along with that one item). But then a strange thing happened. I was much more embarrassed than relieved.

I think moms can feel so much pressure to look like we know what we’re doing (and not like a flustered mother) that when someone helps, we fear that our cover is blown. That’s how I felt. Instead of enjoying the help, I wondered how much of a mess I looked like. Isn’t it silly? If I helped someone, the last thing I’d want is for them to be self-conscious. Maybe I (and we) should just accept that we’re all just a big ol’ mess. That no one really knows what they’re doing and life is too unpredictable (much like kids).

What about you? Anyone else, besides me, dreaming of a simplified Christmas? I know the most relaxing thing you can do – tell me about it in a comment!


2 thoughts on “Have Yourself a Simplified Christmas

  1. I dream of a simplified Christmas, too! Preferably one without gifts or traveling, just spending time with the people I love and celebrating God’s gift to the world.

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