5 Things I’d Tell 20-Year-Old Me


Shy & malnourished 20-year-old me

In participation of Lauren Elizabeth’s High Five for Friday, I decided to make a little different list – of the top 5 things I wish I knew 10 years ago.

Of course these don’t include the heavy duty stuff (such as trusting God and all that). I just mean, when it comes to everyday life wisdom, this is what I wish I could go back in time and drill into my brain:

1. Eat a protein at breakfast. Even if you don’t feel like it. Just boil an egg and shove it down, like medicine. You’ll have a different personality in the morning, I promise you.

2. Stop obsessing in front of the mirror. It’s counter-productive. The longer you stay there, the more things there will be to fix.

3. Practice being tidy now. It’ll be much easier than having to learn it by necessity with a baby on your hip.

4. Do what makes you happy. If it’s not a sin, STOP hesitating. Just do it. GO!

5. Stop worrying. If you could see the future (and I know you want to so bad), yes, there are things that would make you cry (like today when your toddler manage to pull an entire shelf down at the grocery store). But you’ll be okay! The funny thing about when ridiculous circumstances happen is that afterwards, you survived – and that makes you feel quite invincible.


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