What We’ve Been Up To

*Warning: this post is randomness at its finest. Please do not expect it to have a point :)*

We’ve been busy settling in to the new city/new apartment/new church/new life and even new kids, since they’re now these crazy little wannabe-grown ups.

As I’ve said before, I absolutely love this area. We have so much available that we used to have to drive an hour (or catch a plane) to find. For example, I literally teared up when I saw we have an In-N-Out. That’s where David and I ate all the time when we dated/started married life in California. But then we moved to South Texas and I thought it’d be several years until I’d see one again (and pretty often my cravings were for exactly it).

Just a wee bit excited

Andrew's holding the excitement in (I think he was cranky-tired)

Andrew’s holding the excitement in (I think he was cranky-tired)

Holly preferred to eat her hat

Another thing I love about where we live are all the things we have to entertain the kids AND ourselves. I think this picture says it all.

What you don’t see: shops shops shops, restaurants and a movie theater. I honestly think this is what heaven will look like.

Speaking of the kids – of my Lord, they’ve been crazy. I’m so ready for them to start school (next week!!) Melissa’s growing so smart, and I can’t wait to see how much she’ll learn. Now about Andrew, I’m honestly just praying he won’t become the bully of the class…seriously, that boy’s got some strength. And mischief! I turned around for 30 seconds the other day and this was the result:


Whyyyyy???? (thank God for nail polish removers)

That’s not even the worst of it. I’m afraid to go grocery shopping with him now, because he’s strong enough to pull an entire shelf down, making all the glass jars crash on the floor!! Oh my goodness, just talking about it makes me worked up. I’m so glad the folks at Kroger felt sorry for me enough not to charge us. But yeah, won’t be showing face there again anytime soon.

But before this becomes an Andrew-bashing post lol, just for the record, he is too the sweetest boy ever. LOVES to cuddle, hug and kiss. Says he loves his little sister often (even though he tries to press her head between his small-giant hands also often). He picks on Melissa a lot, loves to drive her crazy, but worships her (repeats all she says, laughs at all her jokes).

I fear him but can’t stop squeezing him at the same time

Needless to say, nap time is very cherished around here. My favorite things to do (besides eating chocolate) are reading and watching Youtube videos (preferably those where people have an accent).

This book has medicinal powers (much like sugar)

This book (by Betsy St. Amant) has medicinal powers – much like sugar

Torturing myself by taking a selfie while watching a beauty youtube channel (big earphones to block out kids going crazy at “quiet” time)

Melissa just started crying her head off, so I gotta go see what Andrew’s done to her this time…pray for me :) (and leave a comment!)



5 Things I’d Tell 20-Year-Old Me


Shy & malnourished 20-year-old me

In participation of Lauren Elizabeth’s High Five for Friday, I decided to make a little different list – of the top 5 things I wish I knew 10 years ago.

Of course these don’t include the heavy duty stuff (such as trusting God and all that). I just mean, when it comes to everyday life wisdom, this is what I wish I could go back in time and drill into my brain:

1. Eat a protein at breakfast. Even if you don’t feel like it. Just boil an egg and shove it down, like medicine. You’ll have a different personality in the morning, I promise you.

2. Stop obsessing in front of the mirror. It’s counter-productive. The longer you stay there, the more things there will be to fix.

3. Practice being tidy now. It’ll be much easier than having to learn it by necessity with a baby on your hip.

4. Do what makes you happy. If it’s not a sin, STOP hesitating. Just do it. GO!

5. Stop worrying. If you could see the future (and I know you want to so bad), yes, there are things that would make you cry (like today when your toddler manage to pull an entire shelf down at the grocery store). But you’ll be okay! The funny thing about when ridiculous circumstances happen is that afterwards, you survived – and that makes you feel quite invincible.

Holly’s Sweet & Sassy 1st Birthday

Holly didn’t have a 1st birthday party :(. This alone nearly drove me to tears a few times, but now looking back, I think we managed to celebrate her in a fun and unique way – just like her.

On her actual birthday, not much happened. I mean, for HER. For our lil family as a whole, tons! We spent an entire day in the emergency room with big sister Melissa, who has mild asthma attacks every once in awhile (usually when she gets a bad cold). She’s fine now btw, so not to worry.

But it figures this would happen on Holly’s birthday – and not just any birthday, the first! I already feel guilty she doesn’t get as much attention as the older ones did on their baby milestones. I try to remind myself that she does have something that neither of them had: not 1 but 2 siblings who adore her.

So on the day after her birthday, we visited this cupcake place called The Flour Shop. We’d originally thought of checking out a gluten-free bakery (because of my husband’s allergy to gluten) about half an hour away, but since everybody (including him) was still fighting a cold, we decided to stick with what we saw just around the corner. And I’m so glad we did! The cupcakes were AMAZING. I inhaled a chocolate one (that’s why you don’t even see a picture), and still dream of it at night. Plus, the decoration just made you want to be there. Dangerously cute

Hey, put a steak in the middle, and that sort of works ;)

Hey, put a steak in the middle, and that sort of works ;)


Mouths too full to smile.

Mouths too full to smile.

Happy birthday too meee!

“Happy birthday too meee! (wearing pajamas cause she was also fighting a cold, so we kept her comfie)

Bday ballcake – approved!

I think she was happy :)

Happy girl

Little side note to say that we just moved to the Dallas area. I thought of writing about it here but it’d be just too long. It deserves a post all on its own. So stay tuned!

Back to Holly’s celebrations – it didn’t stop there! The next day, we also ventured into this awesome lil salon for kids (mainly girls) called Sweet & Sassy. It’s so cute in there, the 3-year-old in me just wanted to squeal with joy. There the birthday girl got her ears pierced, Andrew got a haircut and Melissa got a sparkly hairdo.

He didn't cry at all! Just looked very deep in thought lol

He didn’t cry at all! Just looked very deep in thought lol

The result: the most handsomest boy EVER

The result: the most handsomest boy EVER

Melissa was super excited, and so was I!

Melissa was super excited, and so was I!

She reminds me of Cindy Lou Who :)

My pretty fairy! Or maybe my Cindy Lou Who :)

With my newly pierced lil lady

With my newly pierced lil lady

There are so many other pictures, but I’ll save those for my next post, when I’ll describe just how terribly in love I am with the Dallas area (or rather, all its opportunities to spend money – hence the “terribly” :). See you there!