Taking Stock

I saw this post from The Small Things Blog and thought, “what a great way to post random stuff without needing to have an actual point” :). So here we go!

Lately I’ve been…

Making: mental notes of what I need to take Holly to Brazil 2 weeks from now

Cooking: french toast+hazelnut coffee for breakfast, eggs+brown rice for lunch

Drinking: water, always

Wanting: to know what’s next, always

Looking: like a mom, no matter how much makeup/accessories I put on (or how much I suck my stomach in)

Playing: tickling games with the big kids, first-word games with the little one (she loves to say “duck!”)

Adding more bite marks to the beak

Watching: old shows on Netflix, the Bachelorette, Youtube beauty/mommy channels

Wasting: mental energy worrying, if I don’t watch myself

Enjoying: NAP TIME (*cue to angels’ choir*)

Wondering: if I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing at this very moment

Wishing: I could fast forward every transition (HATE transitions)

Needing: to quiet my mind down+chocolate

Noticing: how the craziness of having 3 kids now feels weirdly normal

Loving: Melissa’s princess phase

Enjoying a carriage ride at a friend’s birthday party

Hoping: Andrew will remain cuddly as he grows bigger

Lord, please let him use his strength for good. Amen.

Knowing: we’re entering phase 2 in our family life (“the growing years”)

Thinking: of how to make my 30’s so much more awesome than my 20’s

Feeling: emotional/hormonal often (probably due to nursing less)


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