Preparing to Fly With an 11-Month-Old

So my planned trip to take Holly to Brazil is being accelerated! Instead of August, we’ll go in July – which means I’ll get to watch the last 2 World Cup games there (and if Brazil doesn’t make it to the finals, that will be depressing lol).

I’m trying really hard not to freak out about traveling for an entire day and a half ALONE with an 11-month-old. I’ve flown with Melissa when she was a toddler (almost 2), and with Andrew when he was a baby (5 months), but what do you do with a child who’s in the middle?? The websites I see about traveling with kids never completely apply to my ridiculously long trip. Tips like “schedule the flight during their nap time” make me laugh, and not in a good way – more in like a maniac I’m-already-out-of-my-mind-and-the-trip-hasn’t-even-started-yet kind of way.

Whew. Deep breath. At least I have these things to soothe my nerves:

1.My new super light suitcase.

Found it at Target! Brand is New French West Indies

I remember the PAIN of being alone with Andrew and trying to drag a heavy suitcase from the luggage carrousel. After much frustration, I finally asked a guy next to me for help. This time, though, I plan to pack light and maybe even be able to do this on my own! Girl power lol (by the way, isn’t this the perfect girlfriend getaway suitcase??)

2.My first diaper bag in 4 years.

The last time I’d worn a diaper bag had been after having Melissa, and before finding that we didn’t actually need to carry the whole house in order for her to survive an outing. Ever since then, I’d just been sticking a diaper into my purse, thank-you-very-much. For this trip, the plan was for me to just use a tote bag, but the more items I realized I needed to bring, the more I freaked out. So when I saw this at Target (where else? :), my heart sung.

diaper bag

I love how it’s not puppies and rainbows, but it’s also not ashamed to be a diaper bag. I’ve seen some that try so hard not to look like one that they just look like a gigantic purse, which has never been my style. This one just says, “yes, I’m a mom, but I’m also a woman, and I’m proud of both.”

3.My new haircut.

I did need one regardless of this trip, but even more so knowing that I’d have little hands grabbing my hair all the time. I’d already have a heavy baby, didn’t need heavy hair! Now, how do moms take adorable cell phone pics with their kids all the time?? Do they have a photographer on call or something? :) I was literally sweating after several tries, and never got a “proper” one.

Haircut approved! :)

She cracks me up

I predict this will be a very fun trip, but maybe too much fun lol. Prayers/sympathetic comments appreciated!


2 thoughts on “Preparing to Fly With an 11-Month-Old

  1. Hi Anne! Reading this makes me feel a bit closer to you even after all these years. So good! Wish you a wonderful trip. If u r in BH, don’t forget to come visit us! Take care, friend!

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