Heels X Motherhood

Whenever I see a mom of small children in heels at a casual place (like the grocery store), I want to give her a trophy. Or actually not, because I’m too jealous. For me, it’s been a 4-year-long winter of not wearing heels – ever since I was pregnant with Melissa. I mean, you try carrying a carseat (with a baby in it) plus your heavy purse (with the baby-emergency-kit inside), then add another kid (or 2) running circles around you, and let me know if you feel like suffering for beauty!

As you can tell, I’m oh so thrilled that our baby phase is almost officially over. Since our youngest is approaching her 1st birthday, it’s like the clouds are opening in my flats-covered sky lol. Suddenly, I have flashes of memory from my college years, when I used to walk through uneven streets in Brazil feeling taller in my cute sandals. Where is that girl??

So in the name of reclaiming my womanhood, I couldn’t resist these heels on sale when I saw them. They cost, respectively, 12.99 (JCPenney), 12.99 (Payless) and 14.99 (Payless). Sorry if they’re not in stores anymore (bought them a couple of months ago), but the good news is, I’m baaaack!

Not too high - but the thin heel still makes it fancy!

Not too high – but the thin heel still makes it fancy!

Favorite color these days (and apparently, so is the rest of the world's)

Favorite color these days

Really, I should be a Payless spokesperson

Really, I should be a Payless spokesperson

I’m also so proud of myself of picking fun colors (instead of my usual brown or black habit). Now, it does make them a little harder to match. But it also might be because I’m not used to statement shoes (at least not since I was in college). It’s slowly but surely coming back to me!

Now for the moms out there – how often do you get to wear heels? Or have you given up on them like I had? Let me know in a comment!


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