We Survived Our First Road Trip!

This last Mothers’ Day was historic. Not only I was able to see my sisters (which is rare enough, since we all live in different states), we got to spend it with our mom as well!!

I don’t remember the last time we were all together for a holiday. Now that we have families, traveling becomes more complicated than ever. But one day hubby and I just looked at each other and we were like, “it’s time.” If we wait for it to not be hard to visit family, we’ll never see anybody again until the kids are off to college.

The couple-of-days-long road trip wasn’t nearly as bad as we would’ve imagined! Of course, thanks to our wonderful minivan (I could kiss it) plus lots of snacks for the kids. Andrew, Lucas & Melissa One big reason why we decided to go was so the cousins could play together. And they got along great! I love this age, when they can make friends in a second. Lucas (my nephew, in the picture) is such a sweet boy.

Speaking of boys, I was glad Andrew finally had one to play with. I never want to have a 4th kid, but I do feel a bit of guilt for not giving him a brother. He’s such a manly boy, and sometimes the poor kid just wants to play rough, but with 2 sisters, I have to keep forcing him to go “gentle, gentle.” On the upside, now he’s a gentle giant lol, very warm and curly. I can’t wait till he’s older so I can become soccer/football/whatever mom :).


It was so good to hang out with my sisters and my mom again. I especially like to see them interact with my kids. They’re such fun ladies that I always think my kids are missing out on them.

My older sister Andrea and Holly

My mom and Andrew

My sister Alice already had her hands full

Together again! Love this picture, even though Mom's eyes are closed lol

Together again! Love this picture, even though Mom’s eyes are closed lol

Everybody! Boy, we've multiplied :)

Everybody! Boy, we’ve multiplied :)

My sister’s house is awesome, but I remembered the post-baby fog too well to let her host our family of 5, so we stayed in a hotel. On our last day there, we took the kids to the indoor pool area.

Melissa was in her element - she's always loved water

Melissa LOVES water

Andrew freaked out, and only enjoyed it a bit when we were about to leave. Funny how it totally doesn’t show in this picture – he just enjoys taking pictures. Male modeling future perhaps? :)

Hot tubs used to be a LOT more relaxing 3 kids ago :)

Hot tubs used to be a LOT more relaxing 3 kids ago :)

After this visit, we drove a few more hours to get to my other sister’s house. She lives near Indianapolis, one of my favorite cities. We walked around downtown and then ate at California Pizza Kitchen. I was so happy I had to register this moment. us at restaurant By the way, there was a homeless guy right next to us who, the whole time we were there, kept yelling to people that passed by: “Look over there! You dropped your smile! (drunken laugh)” Just a tad bit disturbing, but most people did smile back, and at least he wasn’t screaming obscenities l0l.

Sorry Holly, for you have inherited my frizz :)

Sorry Holly, for you have inherited my frizz :)

Had to include this one of her fascination with all things plastic

Had to include this one of her fascination with all things plastic

If you have a house full of kids like me but still want to go on a road trip, hope these pictures gave you courage! Because really, kids will drive you crazy anywhere, so we might as well be somewhere interesting :).


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