The Big 3-0

Wooohoooo – it’s the start of a new decade! This even inspires me to re-invent myself a bit. Not that I’ll become a different person, but instead, I’m less hesitant about going for things that I do enjoy.

For instance, the beach. I know, I’m so much more of an indoors person, even though I do have fond memories of swimming at the beach as a kid. But as I grew up, whenever there was an opportunity to go I’d over-think it so much (Do I have the right swimsuit? Do I look ok in it? I already shaved my legs yesterday – if I do it again today, will they be itchy?), that by the time I felt ready for it, the opportunity had already passed.

So lo and behold, guess what I did on the morning of my birthday – I went to the beach! How funny that now, that it’s a lot more work with 3 kids, I’m more spontaneous about it than I was kidless. Hey, better now than never, right?

beach bday

But my birthday celebrations started a couple of days before that, when I gathered a few of my favorite moms and we watched that movie Moms’ Night Out. SO good! True, a bit silly/exaggerated at times, but so encouraging and cute that it totally makes up for it! I’m even planning on owning it when it comes out, so I can laugh again at how silly/exaggerated I can be too lol.

moms night out

An example of my silliness/exaggeration – here’s a T-shirt that I ordered online just for my birthday dinner:

bday shirt

It says “Crafted in 1984 and aged to perfection” :)

bday shoes

Birthday shoes to match (ignore the horrendous toe nails). By the way, I have an entire post written about my newfound love of colored shoes. Will put it up soon!

bday dinner

With my lovely Texas family (plus a couple of dear friends) at Olive Garden.

bday brownies

Gluten-free (and surprisingly decadent) brownies instead of a cake! Paired with ice cream, but of course :).

As you can see, so far being 30 rocks! I remember my 20s, and how lost I felt about what to do after college and just life in general. I think I spent too much time during this decade trying to be accepted instead of just enjoying being me. For example – on my 20th birthday, I invited a bunch of people I wanted to be friends with to go watch a movie, but when we sat in the theater, there wasn’t enough space in the row for me, and nobody seemed to notice! I just watched the movie alone behind them – not one of my fondest memories. Needless to say, I’m so grateful for the wonderful people God surrounded me with on my 30th, and don’t miss my 20s in the least.

Ps- I’m ridiculously behind on posting on this blog – there are so many cool moments/pics to share!! I’ll try my best to catch up little by little, so stay tuned. And let me know on the comments what you did/plan to do on your big 3-0!


2 thoughts on “The Big 3-0

  1. Anne… Que relato triste dos 20 anos… Vc é tão especial…n merecia, adorei a produção pros 30, bem original a ideia da camisa! Eu ainda n sei o q fazer, mas tb queria algo diferente!

    • Que legal te ver aqui Denise!! E que bom que vc entende o meu ingreis hehe. Pois e’, meus 20 nao foram la essas coisas, mas vivendo e aprendendo ne! E tudo contribui para o bem daqueles que amam e Deus :). Muitas saudades de vc!!

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