In Need of Chocolate Sedation

Life’s been going so fast these days that I haven’t been able to give this blog as much attention as I wanted to.

Not sure if working out is making me lose any weight (as the chocolate consumption hasn’t changed) – BUT it’s definitely made me a more active person. The other day when the kids were bored at home, I just took them for a walk around the neighborhood – nothing short of miracle, since I’m the LEAST outdoorsy person ever.

One thing I miss from my pre-working out days, though, is not feeling like death at the end of the day. Now I have so much more energy, but I’m so much more tired at the same time. Then to console myself, I eat more chocolate, which I bet kinda erases at least half of my work out benefits.

Another big  thing making me busy is writing. I mean, it’s such a blessing to even be able to say this (and please pray that God will continue to open doors), but even if you’re doing your favorite thing in the world, it can still exhaust you. Hence the need for sedation through chocolate.

Holly’s also been keeping me on my toes. She doesn’t think she’s a baby anymore! Everything’s so funny and interesting to her, and she resists sleep as long as she can. She moves her strong little body around as if ready to jump off our arms – like a big kid trapped in a baby’s body.

Making faces at a friend's birthday party

Making faces at a friend’s birthday party

She always has something to say

She always has something to say

I can't understand you, my child

I can’t understand you, my child

See how happy she looks and how tired I look :)

See how happy she looks and how tired I look :)

Anyway, I know this is a random post, just because I missed blogging. If you read this, please leave a comment here (not just on facebook) so I know you stopped by! It’ll mean a lot.