5 Things I Hate About Frozen

I realize that this post might make me not cool with my hundreds of facebook friends who, by now, all seemed to have decorated their kids’ rooms with a Frozen theme. If that’s you, knock yourself out. I do not wish to get into a debate over a cartoon.

But while thinking of participating in Lauren Elizabeth‘s High Five For Friday tomorrow, I decided to make an opposite version to “honor” (or not) this plague that’s come upon us. Here’s my list of the things I loathe about Frozen (not necessarily in order, as I hate them all equally):

1.The Theme Song

Not talking about the melody – that’s catchy-ish. And most of the lyrics are creative-ish, EXCEPT one unnecessary part about not being a good girl anymore (plus something like “no right, no wrong, no rules for me”). Why would we want our daughters singing that?? Non-religious people might argue that it means what society thinks is good, and so forth. But really, do kids think that far? What they understand as good is what mommy and daddy says it is. Do we really want them tossing that away?

2.Elsa’s Dress Slit Routine


Uh, not a dance move I want Melissa to copy at FOUR. Just sayin’.

3.The Fixer-Upper Song

If my daughters ever meet a guy who needs lots of “fixing”, I hope they run the other direction, not rise to the challenge! Because realistically, chances are things wouldn’t end up as well as they did for Anna. Which brings us to the next point:

4.The Good-Guy-Turned Evil Thing

Would we want our daughters to stop believing in that?

One of my MAJOR pet peeves is how movies portray good guys – they always turn out to be either psychos or the punchline of a joke. This keeps girls’ expectations low, because if you think a good guy can never be that good, you’re more likely to tolerate more crap. And by the way, a guy who acts like a gentleman at first (like the prince of Frozen) in real life is MUCH more likely to actually BE a gentleman than a rude one. I’d hate to send my daughters the message that every jerk that comes their way is just a “fixer-upper” waiting to be loved.

5.The “Don’t Get Married” Thing

They’re nice, just clueless. Is that how parents should be portrayed?

I know, it’s fair how they made a big deal of how Anna was engaged to a guy she just met, but I couldn’t help but notice that the only married couple there didn’t know better (their parents, who kept the sisters apart). It’s like the writers had a vendetta against encouraging girls to dream of marriage, as if that’s evil. I’ll tell you what’s evil – giving them either a cynical view or low expectations on love and relationships. Believing in a fairy tale kind of love story isn’t the problem. People’s misconception on what commitment means is . Why can’t our girls dream of a guy who sacrifices for them (like Kristoff) AND treats them like a princess from the start?? It IS possible, and I’m so ticked that Frozen’s telling us it isn’t.

Okay, done with my rant. I honestly hope nobody de-friends me on facebook over this lol. And to be clear, when Melissa went to play on a friend’s house and came back talking about Elsa, I was fine with that. The cartoon is gorgeous, so I see the appeal and have no issue with her playing with a snow princess. I just don’t want us to hear that theme song again and again (and from what I can tell on facebook, even the parents who did like Frozen share my sentiment :).


One thought on “5 Things I Hate About Frozen

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