Transitions Suck – But We’re Alive!

This blog has been silent for awhile because our little(ish :) family has been going through transitions. Not only the kids are growing (which means plenty of change in itself), but now both David and I officially work on our own. He’s become an independent business consultant and I’m doing even more freelance writing. We feel SO blessed to be able to pursue what we’ve always wanted to, but it does get overwhelming (especially with 3 kids  squealing/crying/pooping/fussing/wanting to play or eat or be entertained 24/7).

But before I bore you further with details of our busy lives, here’s what else we’ve been up to:

I’m taking the kids out more.

Library adventures

All 3, by myself! I’m not sure what happened, all of a sudden I just HAD to take them out regularly (maybe transitioning made me cabin-fevered). Now I’m sort of addicted to the pride of having survived an outing with them. Not that my poor back can handle it every single day, but I try to do something with them at least a couple of times a week. Our favorite (and free!) place to go is the library, ever since I found out they have lots of activities for kids (puppet shows, crafts, etc).

Melissa LOVES anything involving stickers

Andrew does too :)

Not pictured: Holly screaming bloody murder until I fed her

We’ve been partying like it’s 2014

There have been so many festive occasions lately! I feel like such a bad blogger because I could’ve written a post about at least 2 parties in the past month or so. Here’s a picture of my dear, dear friend Gayle and I at her baby shower (after her baby had already been born :).

I made cupcakes for it, but did I take pictures of them?? No :(. That’s what transitions do to me – steal my focus. But now that we’re figuring out our new normal, I’m slowly gaining my brain back (and really, I’m kind of okay with not having pics of the first time I tried making icing instead of buying it – let’s just say the result looked less like sugar flowers and more like Pepto Bismo…)

We’re doing the Dave Ramsey class.

Oh, he sucks too (kidding – but not completely). In all seriousness, it’s a surprisingly fun financial class with lots of great advice, but if you want to do it, just be prepared for your every shopping experience to be RUINED forever. Never again I can claim ignorance for buying something I never needed, just because it felt good at the moment. But hey, that’s what growing up is, right? And to be clear, I don’t consider every single emotional purchase unnecessary. My chocolate quota keeps me (therefore everybody in this family) happy.

That’s all for now! I have some more pictures that I want to write posts about, so hopefully I won’t disappear for too long anymore. Please keep praying that our family will adapt with our new work-at-home routine, and God will continue to show how awesomely faithful He’s been.


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