Cowboy Party in Pics

Proud of his new boots

My lil’ guy is growing fast! And letting us know it. The other day he tried to put on my boots and cried because they wouldn’t fit. I asked if he wanted boots for his birthday and he lit up, saying “Yes! Mommy! I wuv you!” He couldn’t stop hugging and kissing me, all because of these boots.

We had matching braids

Melissa was brokenhearted at the store that she didn’t get boots, so I was tempted to get her some. Then David reminded me that she needed to be okay with it being somebody else’s moment. Isn’t that a good lesson for us all? I think her hat helped her cope :).

Attempt to smother birthday boy #3257

With grandpa and so many uncles around, Andrew wanted nothing to do with me. He’s a guys’ guy! I feel guilty of all the estrogen Melissa, Holly and I put him through.

At least my country baby always lets me smother her

We didn’t have any plaid onesies, so we decided to turn Holly into a “pioneer baby” :).

Daddy’s turn (look how long she is!)

Cowboy cupcakes!

Waiting patiently to blow his candles

I know, I’ve been SO bad in updating my recipe page – but it will happen, I promise!! Need to add these and the Thanksgiving velvet ones.

Andrew looks drunk on cupcake lol

This is the best we could do for a family pic (with Holly chewing on my shirt)

Thanks to everyone that came! I have one more party in pics (sis-in-law’s baby shower) to upload sometime this week, so stay tuned!


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