Double Trouble (& Birthday Little Man)

IMG_1059Why did I think it was a good idea to have kids so close together?

I’ll tell you what having them 2 years apart mean:

– double the whining;

– double the screaming;

– double time out (good luck giving 2 scoldings for different reasons  at once);

– double spill of whatever liquid is nearby;

– double wailing if ANYTHING goes not exactly to their expectations (they’re experts in “sympathy cry”);

– double fart noises;

– double hugs (wonderful, except that I only have 2 arms and a loving session quickly becomes a wrestling one – with me in the middle – as they push each other away).

I’m tired. Can you tell? :)

It is very cute how united they are, but sometimes I wish I could take one at a time. When I tell them to do/not do something, they exchange glances like, “are you gonna obey that?” It drives me crazy. Once I put them in time outs on opposite sides of the house and they still communicated through coordinated squeals.

So for now, I’m holding on to innocent little Holly. Who, I can tell, can’t wait to join the gang. She watches them so intently that I’m afraid of how much she’s learning. But in all seriousness, I do love it when she smiles back at them, as if she understood their games. And I suppose I should be happy they have so much fun together – wasn’t that the reason I had them all in a such a short period of time? It’s like I gave birth to my own 24-7 daycare.

Maybe the reason for this post is that I’m still adjusting to the fact that, as of tomorrow, Andrew’s officially a  TWO YEAR OLD BOY (whoa). He’s no longer the baby brother – he’s just the brother now, Melissa’s partner in crime. I admit I miss it when he wasn’t this smart. When he couldn’t be as crazy as Melissa, or complain as eloquently. At the same time, he does tell me “I wuv you” pretty often. He “wuvs” a lot of things, though. He’s such a “wuving” little boy (you know, if he’s not trying to hit or making fart noises).


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