Comedian Baby

Holly’s the most expressive baby I’ve ever had. I love it when she shakes her hands with an enthusiastic grin that says, “I’ll tell you the funniest story ever!” :)

She reminds me a lot of my aunt Marly, who’s a lot of fun. One of my favorite things as a kid was to watch her sing silly songs making faces, or just enjoy her great sense of humor. Her house is always full of people because everyone loves to be around her.

I have the strong feeling that Holly will turn out to be the same way. When I got pregnant with her, I had a different kind of excitement. Not more than with the other kids, but just a specific kind – the one you get when the funny relative just arrived.

Holly laughs when I change her diaper, when she’s done nursing, when I talk to her…she’s a joyful little person. On the other hand, she’s also very vocal when not happy about something. But even her whining is expressive – there are shrieks, protesting coos, or the best “oh poor me” pout with a purr. It’s fascinating.

I can see in the future Melissa trying to do the right thing (she’s got her dad’s perfectionism) and Andrew trying to do the dangerous thing (he likes to test his limits). I guess we needed the last one to help us laugh of it all.


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