Dear Pregnant Friends

May I live vicariously through you? :) Because I don’t want another kid, but the ability to have crazy cravings/be proud of my belly will always sound appealing.

baby room serviceDo you have what I had – a husband who constantly feels EXACTLY like you do? I mean, how dare them?? Although I read those with sympathy-nausea make the best daddies (which must be true from my experience).

Regardless of how it’s been for you, my biggest advice to still procreating ladies is to ENJOY IT. Swollen feet? ENJOY IT (never again you’ll have a medical reason to put them up). Achy everywhere? ENJOY IT (chocolate is medicinal). Impatient? ENJOY IT (I’m the most impatient person in the universe, and even I miss the anticipation now. Dream up!).

Another thing I enjoyed about being with child is the free pass to be cheesy. To decorate your (or somebody’s) place with blue or pink, eat sugar and watch all your friends make a fool of themselves. How fun is that?

A few days ago I helped throw my sis-in-law’s baby shower. By the way, is your brother-in-law’s wife considered your sis-in-law? Please comment if you know the answer to this question.

Don’t you love her kitchen’s color?

Pretty mamma breaking baby shower law and cooking for her guests

I was only in charge of baking, so the decorations blew me away. They even made my first-try-ever pecan cupcakes this adorable.

Wish I could take credit for the cupcakes’ toppings!

As far as baby shower tips go, I’d say come with a good long-wear lipstick. Also try to “eat pretty” (since most candid pictures will have you stuffing something in your mouth). Lastly, invite ladies who make you laugh. This group had us cracking up of the silliest thing – and that’s what this party’s all about.

Denise eating pretty with fun cousin Sarah

If you are or have been pregnant, what advice would you add to my preggo friends?


Cowboy Party in Pics

Proud of his new boots

My lil’ guy is growing fast! And letting us know it. The other day he tried to put on my boots and cried because they wouldn’t fit. I asked if he wanted boots for his birthday and he lit up, saying “Yes! Mommy! I wuv you!” He couldn’t stop hugging and kissing me, all because of these boots.

We had matching braids

Melissa was brokenhearted at the store that she didn’t get boots, so I was tempted to get her some. Then David reminded me that she needed to be okay with it being somebody else’s moment. Isn’t that a good lesson for us all? I think her hat helped her cope :).

Attempt to smother birthday boy #3257

With grandpa and so many uncles around, Andrew wanted nothing to do with me. He’s a guys’ guy! I feel guilty of all the estrogen Melissa, Holly and I put him through.

At least my country baby always lets me smother her

We didn’t have any plaid onesies, so we decided to turn Holly into a “pioneer baby” :).

Daddy’s turn (look how long she is!)

Cowboy cupcakes!

Waiting patiently to blow his candles

I know, I’ve been SO bad in updating my recipe page – but it will happen, I promise!! Need to add these and the Thanksgiving velvet ones.

Andrew looks drunk on cupcake lol

This is the best we could do for a family pic (with Holly chewing on my shirt)

Thanks to everyone that came! I have one more party in pics (sis-in-law’s baby shower) to upload sometime this week, so stay tuned!

Double Trouble (& Birthday Little Man)

IMG_1059Why did I think it was a good idea to have kids so close together?

I’ll tell you what having them 2 years apart mean:

– double the whining;

– double the screaming;

– double time out (good luck giving 2 scoldings for different reasons  at once);

– double spill of whatever liquid is nearby;

– double wailing if ANYTHING goes not exactly to their expectations (they’re experts in “sympathy cry”);

– double fart noises;

– double hugs (wonderful, except that I only have 2 arms and a loving session quickly becomes a wrestling one – with me in the middle – as they push each other away).

I’m tired. Can you tell? :)

It is very cute how united they are, but sometimes I wish I could take one at a time. When I tell them to do/not do something, they exchange glances like, “are you gonna obey that?” It drives me crazy. Once I put them in time outs on opposite sides of the house and they still communicated through coordinated squeals.

So for now, I’m holding on to innocent little Holly. Who, I can tell, can’t wait to join the gang. She watches them so intently that I’m afraid of how much she’s learning. But in all seriousness, I do love it when she smiles back at them, as if she understood their games. And I suppose I should be happy they have so much fun together – wasn’t that the reason I had them all in a such a short period of time? It’s like I gave birth to my own 24-7 daycare.

Maybe the reason for this post is that I’m still adjusting to the fact that, as of tomorrow, Andrew’s officially a  TWO YEAR OLD BOY (whoa). He’s no longer the baby brother – he’s just the brother now, Melissa’s partner in crime. I admit I miss it when he wasn’t this smart. When he couldn’t be as crazy as Melissa, or complain as eloquently. At the same time, he does tell me “I wuv you” pretty often. He “wuvs” a lot of things, though. He’s such a “wuving” little boy (you know, if he’s not trying to hit or making fart noises).

Comedian Baby

Holly’s the most expressive baby I’ve ever had. I love it when she shakes her hands with an enthusiastic grin that says, “I’ll tell you the funniest story ever!” :)

She reminds me a lot of my aunt Marly, who’s a lot of fun. One of my favorite things as a kid was to watch her sing silly songs making faces, or just enjoy her great sense of humor. Her house is always full of people because everyone loves to be around her.

I have the strong feeling that Holly will turn out to be the same way. When I got pregnant with her, I had a different kind of excitement. Not more than with the other kids, but just a specific kind – the one you get when the funny relative just arrived.

Holly laughs when I change her diaper, when she’s done nursing, when I talk to her…she’s a joyful little person. On the other hand, she’s also very vocal when not happy about something. But even her whining is expressive – there are shrieks, protesting coos, or the best “oh poor me” pout with a purr. It’s fascinating.

I can see in the future Melissa trying to do the right thing (she’s got her dad’s perfectionism) and Andrew trying to do the dangerous thing (he likes to test his limits). I guess we needed the last one to help us laugh of it all.

This Little Mommy Went All The Way Back Home

Hangin’ with my youngest boss

This time, I won’t even apologize for my absence.

A million things have been happening with my family (don’t worry, nothing too serious, we’re all healthy and loving each other) – a couple of them I’ll share with y’all.

You see, I always thought I chose to be a writer. That I’d chosen to be a stay-at-home. I was happy with these “decisions”, but couldn’t help but wonder, “what if?” What if I’d gone deep into a career the way my sisters have done? They were (are) happy. Why didn’t I work outside the home? Didn’t I get cabin-fevered? (yes, constantly.) Didn’t I get tired of just jotting down words on a computer and wondering what in the world would ever happen to them?

Yes. I did get tired of it. So I decided to do something. After the holidays, I started a job search. I prayed, and lo and behold, I got a job!! Amazingly fast. The title even sounded cool – Part Time Supervisor. I announced it on Facebook, and as friends congratulated me, I felt like a person. Isn’t that awful? Shouldn’t I have already felt like a person before? But with a job title, I felt like I officially “existed.”

Well. Now I hear God’s enormous “A-HEM.” I didn’t think I was giving up writing at all; just branching out to other stuff while I waited. That would probably give me extra inspiration, right? Plus I’d get to dress up everyday and have something more impressive to say when asked “what do you do?”

Oh Lord. Was I in for a surprise. Now imagine you’ve been thrown into a field you’ve never worked in before, and while you’re trying to make sense of it, your recruiters say you’d better become an expert immediately, because you’ll be LEADING people in it. Ha. At first I thought it was just the shock of working outside the house, then just the shock of learning something new under pressure, until I got to the sad realization that I just could. not. do it. The more I tried, I only got worse! It wasn’t even close to my area of strength. In fact, the longer I stayed there, I felt like I was getting dumber.

So, at the risk of other people thinking I’m flimsy (you know, the encouraging friends from Facebook), I decided to leave. My main reason  that really helped me decide was that all that hardship also meant less time nursing Holly – and I would NOT risk them firing me just after I’d dried up my milk supply.

Another not-so-sad, and actually sort of exciting realization I’ve come to is that I never chose writing; God chose it for me. It’s how I express myself the best. At high school I was the girl glued to her notebook. And even today, when I’m having a conversation with a lot on my mind, I get self conscious. Depending on the pressure (like at this new job), I just clam up. I get so busy thinking so many things that I forget to speak.

Of course, if you meet me at a non-pressured place (like among friends and family), I’m Miss Chatty. Sometimes even too much, like I’d saved all I wanted to say while I’d been quiet for that moment. People who see me like this may never know how awkwardly silent I can be. But trust me. I can be very, VERY awkward.

So. Supervisor material I am not. It’s okay, though – I know I’m writer AND mommy material. When I tried to learn the new job, all I could think of was Holly’s warm body against me, Andrew silly grin and Melissa’s expectant face. Back at home, she told me she didn’t want me to go anymore. And I was only too happy to oblige.