Thankful for REST

Forgive me readers, for I’ve sinned – my plans to update this blog almost everyday haven’t really happened lately. But things WILL go back to normal, promise! I’m just getting over this weird constant headache that’s kept me from thinking straight in the past week or so. Not sure what it is (maybe a cold? Or just exhaustion?). All I know is that I needed a mental break BAD. So I gave myself a little bit of a blog vacation.

Thanksgiving couldn’t have come at a better time. With 3 kids, you don’t have the luxury to be overwhelmed. Each of them NEED you to be 100% present for their every mood. In result, my head was about to explode. Still sort of is, but after a nice family day (including a nap at the in-laws), I’m finally on the road to recovery.

Thank you, Jesus, for my MIL’s wonderful cooking skills

Our contribution – what was supposed to be orange velvet cupcakes (but still turned out red)…link for recipe on the Things I Dare Cook page soon!

Thank you, Jesus, also for kids’ tables

How cute is he with an apron?

Holly had a good time too (with the miniature daddy in the background lol)

These moments to stop and smell the turkey helped me process how much God has made me grow, and how much more growth I know He still has for me. It’s a very exciting thought, but also daunting – I sense He wants me to be braver and more mature than ever before. Each step in motherhood, as my kids grow, or each step further in writing requires that I let go. Of old fears, old concepts, old comfort zones. As I get older, I feel more and more like He’s pushing me for something new.

Our best attempt at newest portrait for Christmas card – couldn’t get the kids to not hide their faces

Speaking of new, we’re loving the uncharacteristically cool Texas weather. The other day we went to Chick-Fill-A all bundled up and it was awesome (oh the little joys of motherhood :).

They look even more squeezable in cozy sweaters

Playing with Minnie Mouse (love how my nursing cover looks like a scarf)

What about you, what were you thankful for yesterday?


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