Melissa & Andrew-isms

I got attacked by FIRE ANTS taking this picture. Please hand over the Mother of The Year award. Or a spa certificate will do.

Melissa lying down, while Andrew pokes her: I don’t want to play! I want to rest! Rest is fun!

Andrew: Rest??

Melissa: *sighs* I already said that.

Andrew: Aah said that??


Me: Andrew, you’re our sweet, special, wonderful boy.

Melissa: And handsome!


Yesterday, I posted this on Facebook:

“If you come into my house and it smells like detergent, it’s not that I’m a clean freak – it’s that I have crazy kids who reached for the dish soap and emptied it over the living room floor. One breakdown (mine) and 2 very clean kids later, I’m DONE. Thanksgiving, where art thou??”

Today, we actually had to block the affected area, since not all the gunk has come off yet. Might need our carpet cleaner (though it’s fake-wood laminate).

Me: You can’t play over there because yesterday you guys made a mess, remember?

Smarty-pants Melissa: Yeah, I remember you and I got mad at Andrew. 

Me: No, Missy, this was your fault. I know you’re the one who got the soap. Andrew can’t reach that far.

Melissa: But mommy, it’s my job! 


Me to Holly: This is your big brother Andrew and that is your big sister Melissa.

Andrew (points to me): And mommy!

I’m so relieved of how much he loves her, because I thought there’d be youngest-sibbling-rivalry. But whenever I hold her close to him, he goes, “aww cute!” and rubs her head/gives her a kiss or a toy. And if she’s crying, he goes, “oh no! baby crying!”


Me getting up from snuggling with Andrew: “I have to go get Holly. Do you know that I love you?”

Andrew: *smiles* I know.


Melissa was ecstatic when I let her hold Holly in her lap. Andrew went right behind pointing to his chest: “My turn! My turn! My turn!” Poor Holly had to be passed around (with my assistance, of course) from an oversized toddler and a giggly preschooler a few times, until I had enough. But I think she enjoyed it.


Today’s Cute Moments:

– Hide & seek. They counted together and Andrew hid behind my legs. Then Melissa would “find” him as they both screamed.

– After hide & seek, they held hands and danced around singing “we wish you a merry christmas” (Melissa led it, and Andrew completed the last vowels).

– After that, they asked for spoons and walked around saying they were making soup. When they hid into their toy tent, there was bound to be some screaming.

Melissa: “Mommy! Tell Andrew not to eat me!”

Me: “Andrew, don’t eat Melissa, she’s not food.”

The things you find yourself saying :).


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