At Holly’s 4D ultrasound pics she already looked like Melissa’s twin. Now she still sort of does, but with her own very unique personality. I’ve never had a baby who looked so ready to have a conversation.

3-month-old Melissa

3-month-old Holly

3-month-old Melissa & I

3-month-old Holly & I

See how alert she is? With either of the other kids, I never felt like I “knew” them as soon as I’ve been able to  with Holly. She coos, coos, coos like completing a sentence. And her coos have intonations (“aaah?” or “aaah!!”).

Reminds me of watching TV at the hospital right before my c-section, and there was this weather girl who I could tell had a big personality just by the lively way she said each word. Call me crazy, but right then, I had a feeling that Holly would be like that. A beautiful girl with a LOT to say :).

Melissa can be talkative too, but tends to be hesitant at first. She’s a delicate girl, and while Holly’s also sensitive (yes, I can tell that from a baby – an ultra expressive one), she’s far more outspoken. And she doesn’t even speak yet! With the other kids at this age, I was curious about how their voice would be like. In Holly’s case, I already know.

Right now, Miss Chatty is going, “pooh! hey! aaah!”, which translated must mean, “get off the computer mommy!”

Sister love


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