Top Five Time!

It’s been an EXHAUSTING week, but a great one too. Here are some highlights (in participation with Lauren Elizabeth‘s High Five for Friday):

5. New Boots IMG_0950

Aren’t these cute?? Please ignore Brobee (Yo Gaba Gaba character toy) passed out in the background.

Hart of Dixie’s characters make the old-lady look work

4. New favorite shows: Once Upon a Time, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland & Hart at Dixie – I love you, Hulu! When David suggested we cancel cable to save and just have you, I confess I wanted to throw your little box out the window. Now I realize how hypnotized I’ve been by reality TV shows. Who knew there were quality FICTION shows out there? As a writer, I used to say that I NEEDED to follow reality crap for the sake of people-watching. Now I still see the value in that, but nothing substitutes GOOD writing. Because sometimes reality just isn’t as interesting.

3. I’m doing Kerastraight tomorrow! For who’s never heard of it, this is a hair  treatment that uses keratin (amazing protein) for straightening. I feel like I’ve been dating straight hair for a bit now, and even though it’s been a whirlwind romance  of just 3 and a half months (since Holly was born), we’re ready to marry :).

2. Holly’s still sleeping through the night. Can’t believe this is lasting!! Sometimes I even get lucky and she naps decently during the day. But even when she doesn’t, I try to count my blessings. No more 3 o’clock feedings. Aaa-lleluia.

1. Today’s hubby’s birthday! 31In my single days, I made a list of the ideal man. He’d be strong, but sensitive; tall, with light eyes; easy to talk to, and even have a nice voice. I showed it to my mom, and she said, “where will you find such an angel?” Well, I did! Another thing I prayed for is that he’d be close to my age (I was never too impressed with either older or younger guys). My hubby turns 30 today, just about 7 months before me. Is God a good listener or what?? :) Let this be a testimony to all who read this and haven’t found ” the one” – don’t be afraid to ask for specifics, because He might very well surprise you!

Now you’re it – what’s your week’s top 5?


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