Where are my babies??

Andrew likes to play in his old car seat (and as shown, is in awe of big sis)

They seem to be disappearing into thin air. The only recognizable one is Holly – sort of. Because she acts way too toddler-y for her 3 months of age.

I’m still processing the fact that Andrew’s not my baby anymore. I grab him as he tries to run by me and attack him with kisses. More often than not, he likes it. But as his legs and his will get stronger, he’s figuring out quickly he’s a boy, and not mommy’s cuddly baby. It’s been a tough transition for me. At least the process has trained him to give hugs and kisses – which he proudly gives both his sisters (Holly’s a little startled by this giant head leaning against her, but I can tell she almost smiles).

Melissa’s already 4, so with her it’s the opposite – I have to remind myself she is, in many ways, still a baby (or still want to be babied). She’s just so smart and tall that I’ve already gotten used to seeing her as a girl. There was a quick phase (probably a growth spurt) that she’d SCREAM whenever I tried to cuddle with her. Now maybe she’s finally used to being a girl too, since she’s becoming more affectionate everyday. And more talkative. We have to not only hug her, but tell a story, answer questions, talk about the big mysteries of life…

Now Holly – the only TRUE baby – is so full of facial expressions that always half expect her to say something. Speaking of which, now she’s yelling – as in cooing “Aaaaah! Aaah!” furiously – for me to get her. Because, you know, crying is for babies :).


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