Kids & Faith

LOVE her profile – as well as her heart :)

Even if I do a million things wrong as a mom, I try to get at least 2 things across: that they’re always loved by me and God. That’s why I tell them “I love you” every minute (which I’m sure they’ll be annoyed at in their teens), and whenever possible try to make them aware of God. Before meals, I say, “Thank you Jesus for this food. In Jesus’ name…?” The kids know to say “A-men.” :) It’s the cutest thing. And I loved it that last Thursday, when Melissa was playing picnic with Andrew, she said it just like I do.

Speaking of that day, it’d FINALLY gotten cold (rare for TX), so much that Melissa was convinced it was going to snow. Poor thing, she’s like me – the one thing I wish we had was snow. I’m from Brazil, so such a thing is even more magical to me than for the typical american.

Anyway, Friday morning she was disappointed.”Who took the snow away?”, she asked. I told her no one did. She went: “I think God did. God sat on his chair and told Jesus to take the snow away [paraphrasing – she rambled a bit :)]. Why did God take the snow away?” I told her, “maybe He didn’t give us snow because it has to be super cold. Snow is pretty to look at, but is super cold, and we could get sicky.” She smiled and seemed satisfied. I love how she’s already embraced the concept of God as a person, even though she can’t understand much yet.

Another cute fact – we use this toddler Bible to have a family devotional whenever we’re not completely desperate to put them to bed (which doesn’t happen often enough). Melissa’s gotten so into it, she likes to read it on the potty lol. It’s the only way she’ll go #2 :).

Hope you’re having a good inspirational Sunday! I’m writing this post ahead of time (it’s Friday now) so I can have a true day of rest (or as much as I can with 3 kiddos). Take it easy too and make sure to leave a comment!


One thought on “Kids & Faith

  1. Hey! Thanks so much for reading my blog and taking the time to comment! I love the idea of building community this way, especially meeting other blogging believers. :) Your blog design is pretty!! and you have me wanting a Hazelnut latte!!-Brittany Jo

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