This Week’s High Five


Participating on High Five for Friday at Lauren Elizabeth’s blog again! So here we go:

5. Straus European Style Yogurt. We discovered this at Sprouts and I’m totally spoiled by it. It does NOT taste like any plain yogurt I ever had. Actually, the other day we were out of it so I ate another regular plain yogurt (which I used to enjoy) and it tasted disgusting. Not even honey helped! Just a watery mess. Not sure what this “european style” stuff means, but it gives the consistency of sorbet. That’s the only way I can describe it – melting sorbet. Hmmm, just thinking about it is making me want a cup.

4. Starbuck’s Hazelnut Latte. It all started last Sunday, when we walked into church and it smelled DELICIOUS. The candles ministry or whatever had done a good job! The scent was so Autumn-y and yummy, I joked that I wanted to eat the church lol. It planted the craving seed in me, so the next time we went to a Starbucks, I had the brilliance to order a Latte with Hazelnut pumped into it. Oh. My. LORD. The Hazelnut angels definitely sing to me everything I take a sip. And you know, even though chocolate will always be my first love, we’re going through some problems now due to this food-poisoning event. I’d eaten a lot of chocolate that day, so I guess now my body’s slightly traumatized – though yes, I still do eat it daily, just less and not the same kind I used to before. The result is that the amazing Hazelnut Latte, with skim milk BUT with whip (hey, better than whip AND whole milk :) has taken the place in my heart that has been occupied by hot chocolate for several years.

3. I’m going to buy boots today!! I’m so excited it’s embarrassing. Totally shows how I don’t get out much. Besides, if you’ve known me and my sneakers-only tendencies, you know this is major progress. I just need to find something that’s cute and put together, but not uncomfortable. So tonight the whole family is heading to the mall (ohh Shangri-la) so that daddy can drive the kids around in the double stroller while mommy goes shoe-hunting. First stop will, of course, be Payless (they really should pay me for all the advertising I do). And one of their cute & cheap purses may or may not be thrown in the process.

2. Holly’s sleeping through the night. The reason why this isn’t #1 is that, surprisingly, it’s made my days SO much more exhausting. When she’d wake up at night, she’d take a long nap in the afternoon – like 3 hours long. Now, I’m lucky if she lets me have lunch. More often than not I have to eat with the “soothing” (NOT) sound of her screaming in the swing. So yeah, I’m sleeping more (yay), but getting much less me-time during the day (boo).

1. Melissa and I are buddies. I know you’re not supposed to just try to be buddies with your kids, but something has shifted in my relationship with my 4-year-old. She’s always been a dramatic one, but now I feel like I can get through to her better. I understand that a lot of times she cries/screams not to be defiant, but because she’s sad that I’m upset with her. As soon as I make it clear I’m not angry (even if I am lol), but explain calmly what needs to be done, she’s the most obedient girl in the world. Her vocabulary is also expanding by the second, so I love having funny talks with her. Like the time she asked, “can I have some money?” I told her she didn’t need it yet because now mom and dad take care of her. Then she goes: “how do I get some money?” Then I explained that people need to work to get money. Such a mature conversation that I didn’t expect to have so soon! :)

Andrew’s also been growing up adorably, by the way. He tells me he loves me a lot (“I ow you! I ow you!”) – probably because I do it to him, so I’ve trained him well.

What about you – what were your favorite things this week? I’d love to know!


3 thoughts on “This Week’s High Five

  1. Brenda, thanks for blessing me with your words – it worked! :) I did find the perfect pair really quickly. Jen, miss you as always! Will post a picture of the boots probably Monday/Tuesday (’cause I already have a post scheduled for tomorrow). Thanks for reading!!

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