The Un-Frumping Project

With this much on my plate, the least I deserve is frizz-free hair! :)

I imagine most people, after having a 3rd child, would care less about their appearance. The opposite has happened to me. I blame the hospital staff who, when telling me how to prepare for my scheduled c-section, forbid me to use any hair product. Such a concept could not fit into my curly head, so I was FORCED to get a blow dry. Hence the beginning of the madness.

Who would’ve known I’d become the kind of person that owns a blow drier, a flat iron AND a curling one (for the ends)?? All my life I’d had ONE product – conditioner. Real heavy duty kind, that I’d use to beat the mane into submission. Now, besides tools (gosh, I can’t stand my own high-maintenance talk), I also need an oil + a keratin spray for the styling. Once I’m done, I attack myself with this TALL spray can called “The Shaper”, which claimed to be the highest selling one (I later found another can that said the same thing. Regardless, it works). I mean, who am I??

Maybe part of what’s driving this surge of vanity is that realization that Holly is my last baby, so I’m slowly coming out of the “just a mom” identity (even though no one is “just” a mom, but you get what I’m saying). Or maybe being close to 30 is making me more adventurous about trying new things. All I know is that it’s become an escape from thinking of diapers or separating toddler fights all day. The work on myself reminds me, “I exist.”

So if I post here about something frivolous, like a lipstick, don’t judge. I’ll be invariably covered in spit up at some point in the day, so at least give me that.


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