Mommy’s Milestones

At 25, with 7-month-old Melissa

Life moves so quickly with kids that it can be hard to keep track of changes.

The other night, I dreamed that my birthday came, and I celebrated it in a rush, after a usual busy day. Then I had the realization that it was my big 3-0 birthday (which will happen in reality on June). I couldn’t believe I’d missed it. In the dream, I told my mom: “Somebody asked me how old I was, and I said 29! I had no idea!” Gone were the plans of a special party/celebration. I’d gotten too distracted taking care of the kids.

Well, I think I dreamt that for obvious reasons:

At 29, with 3-month-old Holly

– I’m tired;

– Life is so fast paced that even important things can be forgotten;

– I can’t ignore the fact that along with the kids, I, too, am growing up.

And just like their milestones need to be celebrated, so do mine! Things have changed so much since my early twenties, and so have I. Here are some differences:

THEN – One household chore would wipe me out for the day. It was either dishes OR laundry.

NOW – I have to do both AND wash the baby AND wash the kid that threw up/peed all over AND wash myself (feeling like I’m an ultra indulgent rebel)

THEN – I had time to obsess over everyone’s opinion, every human interaction.

NOW – Seriously? I have bigger fish to fry.

THEN – I felt like a victim of my hair. Didn’t hate it per se, just thought it didn’t allow me any other options except crazy curly.

NOW – It’s taken me nearly 30 years, but I’ve taken the reigns of my own head! If I want it straight, I make it straight, gosh darn it.

THEN – Extra make up (such as foundation) are special-occasion things.

NOW – I read an article saying that as you get older, the heavier make up you used to do for fun now becomes a necessity lol. So true! Or maybe you just become less self-conscious of it.

THEN – I was kind of a hermit, spending most of my time by myself (and enjoying it).

NOW – I have to think to remember the last time I was truly alone…hmmm…driving home from post-partum check up (and eager to enjoy the day with my family – which turned out to be the Unexpected Beach Day!).


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