Happy Birthday to Mini-Me

On my birthday last year – pics of hers to come!

Melissa is so much like me. She talked about this day so much, and now that it’s here, she’s a grouch. Most people wouldn’t get that. But I do.

Emotional, overly excited people like us KNOW our expectations for everything are exaggerated. This is why it’s fun to plan and dream. Once what we’re waiting for actually happens, we freak out. There’s NO way reality is gonna be as perfect as our fantasy. Hence the grouch.

I went to get her today and thought I’d find her jumping up and down, but instead, she complained about everything. The fact that her party wasn’t happening right that second. That her ceiling lamp didn’t look the same as Andrew’s. And to my surprise, wouldn’t even let me say she’s 4! “I’m THREE”, she’d protest. I asked if she was afraid to grow too big and she said no. I asked why she didn’t want to be 4 then, and she went, “I can’t tell you.” Me- “Why can’t you tell momma?” Her-“It’s a secret.”

Really?? This much drama on her birthday morning?? I thought the promise of skates and ice cream once daddy comes home was sure to perk her up. It would the second I’d say it, then evaporated the next. This is why I truly think she suffers from the same condition I fight with: post-excitement anxiety.

Now she’s happy again, just a tad more sensitive than normal. I guess today’s supposed to be perfect. Whew. It’s tough raising me.


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