Things That Only Happen to Me

…or so it seems. Here’s what comes to mind:

– The aforementioned invitation blooper. Who, I ask you, WHO would spend forever searching for the perfect invitation online, review it several times, only to find DAYS after receiving it that oops, I wrote the WRONG DATE?? Only me, I tell you. Or better yet, only a frazzled mom trying to accomplish this feat while watching 2 kids and nursing a third. That’s what I get for trying to treat every child celebration as if they were the only ones.

By the way, if you were invited but didn’t receive this, don’t feel unloved – I only ordered 10 of those (for the family we don’t see on a regular basis but live in the area). Then I ruined about half of them while desperately trying to fix the date with a pen and permanent marker, which ended up being disastrous. So in the end, only about 4 people total got ahold of these cute little things fixed with tape:

Oh, and almost forgot – Hanna, Alice AND Dennisse (the commenters  who caught my mistake) shall receive skates-shaped little chocolates!! Hanna ’cause she commented first, Alice ’cause, well, she’s my sister and she’s pregnant :), and Dennisse because I like her (and we go to the same church, so it wouldn’t be hard to save her some). See, my giveaways don’t follow any rules, so multiple people can win lol.

– Food poisoning at a hair salon. Ok, I didn’t GET food poisoning at a salon, but that’s where the first symptoms started. On the way there, I already felt weird in my stomach, but I thought it was for holding Holly too much on the previous nights (once she barely made it to the bassinet, we basically co-slept). So while coloring my roots, I felt a lot of PAINFUL tightness in my belly. I tried to keep calm until they were done, and then ran to the bathroom, where I spent most of the waiting time trying to burp.

That’s when I was under the innocent impression that my problem was just air. But after the blow dry started, I had to ask for a break because I was getting too faint. I ran to the bathroom again hoping that ANYTHING would come out (even though I HATE throwing up). All I got were those chills with weakness, the kind that means something’s coming, but nothing would.

Once I returned to the chair, PALE (so much for glamorous me-time lol), my very sweet stylist did her best to finish quickly (and it still turned out good – I call her the hair whisperer :), and then even offered me a ride home because it was clear I couldn’t drive. Isn’t she nice?? She’s really the best stylist I ever had.

But anyway, I tumbled into the house like a drunk person and soon proceeded to eliminate everything inside me (sorry if this is TMI). Yesterday and the night before were brutal; I couldn’t walk or move much without horrible stomach pains. David thinks I caught a bug, but I blame the darn protein bar I wolfed down before the appointment:


Not saying these are evil, just that I don’t want to see them anytime in the near future. I’m sure I have allergies I don’t know of (like that time I had a Luna Bar, actually enjoyed it, but immediately after the first bite had to run to the bathroom). So see, I TRY to eat healthy – my body’s just not built that way.

I could go on about the several times life seemed to play a prank on me, but I’m still recovering from the last one, so I’d better stop and rest. Hope you had a better weekend than mine (not all is lost though – at least this has granted me a much needed break. I’m still nursing, but haven’t changed a diaper since Saturday! :)


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