What’s Your Week’s Top 5?

Today it’s High Five for Friday on Lauren Elizabeth’s blog, and I’m participating! Here goes my top 5 things of the week list:

5.This pink purse from Payless.

pink purse

I got this several months ago (couldn’t resist – $17!) but was almost always too afraid to wear it. Would it look too much like I wanted to be Barbie? If I wore it with pink, would it be too matchy-matchy? If not, would it even match? Too many questions, with too many kids waiting. But I guess too many kids also mean too little time to think about it. After I had it for church Sunday, I simply have not had a chance to move my stuff into another purse. So now I’m fashionable whether I want to or not :).

4.This blog.

I’ve updated it every single day for its first week, and surprisingly, I’m not tired of it. With my old blog, I’d over analyze a new post so much that I almost never updated. Now I’m committed not to let this die. Instead of obsessing to make sure every word will knock your socks off, I’ll settle for just distracting you for a little bit (at least enough to win your click).

3.New family pictures.

Don’t they look great on top of our piano?? They remind me of how cute our kids really are, before looking down at their not-so-cute tantrums.

2.Date night.


Our latest favorite place is Chili’s. When Holly was just a few days old, my mom watched the kids while we went there and ate HUGE cheeseburgers. It felt so good to escape parental responsibility and be like teenagers again, talking about random stuff and wiping ketchup from our mouths (or maybe that was just me lol).

Speaking of which, I just came back from that, and now is way too late to be blogging (past midnight – but hey, I gotta have me-time at some point!!). Which brings us to the last and most important item from this list:


Good night (and let me know what YOUR high fives are!)


One thought on “What’s Your Week’s Top 5?

  1. Pink Purse>>>Wow Anne! I have to say your good! I agree with the pink purse its too cute and you are not gonna have time to think about those stuff if you have matching cloths or what will match with? MOst of the time when I shop i don’t think about that kind of stuff. I just buy and keep receipt it and I think about it at home and if I realized it doesn’t work with my cloths, I will either return it or shop for more cloths that will match but not to matchy:)
    Cheli’s>>>>our favorite there is the baby back ribs! oh those are the best!
    Your New Family Pictures>>>>Those are too cute! now I’m going to steal that Idea of putting our Family Pictures on the piano instead of those messy music papers:) I think that will help me motivated in learning piano.
    Blog>>>>I wish I can do that! I always wanted to be a writer- writing seems to be more therapeutic for me its just hard for me to put them in english language since i am a second language learner as you can tell with my (pretty sure some are wrong) sentences and grammar in this comment:)

    My High Five are…….
    TGIF>>> Thank God It’s Friday!!!! Weekend is always good specially if you have your Family:) + I need one!
    Family>>> Michael and Havilah are better! Thank God for the healing!
    New Dresses for Havilah for the Holidays>>> We got six beautiful dresses at ROSS for $60!!!
    New Work Family>>> I teach now at sunnyvale christian school and God blessed me with new wonderful people not only they become my friends at work but they are all my siblings and co-workers in the kingdom of GOD!!!
    YOUR BLOG>>>> I think God for your blog! You made me into this!!! It always excite me to look your blog and read what you have to say.!!! Thank you. .. Sorry if some are wrong grammar:(
    Love you!!!

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