Postpartum Style + Portraits

Gayle and I – yep, that’s me STILL wearing a maternity shirt. Sigh.

I told my friend Gayle that if I were rich, I’d open a store called After Baby – with NOT maternity clothes, just post-baby body forgiving stuff. There’s a huge market for that! If anyone from Shark Tank reads this, hit me up :).

But in all seriousness, my patience with still looking slightly pregnant is wearing off. I’ve been in the same maternity jeans forever, and now that it’s turning unwearable, I think it’s a sign. Time to suck in the pouch once again.

Another reason to get some new clothes is that FALL IS HERE!!! Wooohoo!! I wish I could pause this weather and have it stay like this forever. Especially here in Texas. We still have warm days, but now they’re nice ones, not ones where you have to run inside for the air conditioner. And the nights are finally cool, the way Fall is supposed to be. We’ll take any breeze as an excuse to put on a sweater!

The kids love sweaters too, and have started asking for them even when we know they’re hot. But they had a legitimate opportunity to wear theirs at Nathaniel’s (Gayle’s son) birthday party.

Doesn’t she look like such a teenager?

Andrew had fun throwing rocks around – ah, to be a boy.

This is how you get cute kids – marry handsome

On Sunday, something awesome happened: I FIT INTO NORMAL JEANS!!!! True, I used to need a belt to wear these, but don’t ruin my moment. Also of comparable awesomeness, it was Pastor Appreciation Day at the church that David’s dad pastors. We’d never taken a whole family portrait ever since Holly was born, so we couldn’t resist taking it there, with the beautiful flowers behind their building.

The kids only accepted to pose if each could hold their flowers


Holly’s funky outfit’s a gift from one of her Brazilian aunts (my sister Alice)

I long for the day when slimming cardigans and loose tops won’t be the only way I can get dressed. Until then, I’ll dream of a Dillard’s size “After Baby” store :).


3 thoughts on “Postpartum Style + Portraits

  1. You guys looks wonderful. Anne you admire me in many ways. How do you do that?;)
    You look amazingly beautiful! I love seing Melissa’s precious face.

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