Unexpected Beach Day

Today, with the kids in the car, we had every intention of running boring errands. So when David asked if I wanted to go to the beach instead (we live an hour away), I laughed. But he was serious. And while I’m not necessarily a beach person, I’m even less of a grocery shopping person (at least not for pleasure). So I went, “hey, why not?”

If we’d planned for this trip, it wouldn’t have turned out so well. We stopped on this adorable shop on the way, where Melissa and Andrew loved the beach-themed decorations.

Bro and sis hanging out

Isn’t that cool?

In awe

After that, we ate at none other than the restaurant where David and I went after he proposed to me over 6 years ago. Funny that back then, I only saw one person across the table. Now, there are multiple.

Holly’s forever entertained by her brother

Lots of people on my side of the table too (ok, baby’s a repeat :)

Andrew fell asleep on the way to the beach, which made him CRANKY once we got there. So much for our usual outdoorsy little guy! Nothing that a few buckets and seagulls wouldn’t solve, though. At least long enough for David to snap a couple of great pictures, like this one:

Mr. Gorgeousness

We couldn’t get seagulls on Melissa’s pic…but her beauty makes up for it.

 While everybody played, Holly and I stayed in the shaded area. I remembered being a kid and always feeling sorry for my mom when she stayed out of the action. Now I totally get it – seeing your kids have fun can be all the fun you need (even with a sleepy/cranky baby in my arms).

Ooh, and almost forgot to mention – what I’m holding (besides Holly) is the MOST perfect sand dollar I’ve ever seen in my life. It’ll go straight to the necklace I used to wear my rings on while pregnant and have been trying to figure out what to do with. It was so meant to be!! I’m SO glad we went to the beach and not H-E-B :).


2 thoughts on “Unexpected Beach Day

  1. Wow, that beach is beautiful. I didn’t realize you were only an hour away from the coast! how awesome is that! I’m loving the new blog and all the pictures of your little ones :-)

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