Things We Call Our Children

 Sometimes when you look at the kids, something else comes out instead of their name. I think every parent can relate to that.

Our newest for them is “Little Chickies”, or “Little Chicky Wickies”. Which makes absolutely no sense, but is adorable regardless. Much like them :).

Melissa’s nickname at grandparents’ house can be Little Missy. At home, I often call her “Mozinho” (Brazilian slang for “little love”). Andrew’s ALWAYS been our Little Man (variations: Little Handsome Man, Little Handsome), because he’s been very manly since birth. He was never delicate, not even as a baby! Even back then, he didn’t want too much cuddling (if cranky tired, he’d like to sleep alone in his bed, thank you very much) – I’ve TURNED him into a cuddler today out of persistence. I also always thought he smelled way too masculine and rough for an infant lol. At first that drove me crazy, until I got so used to it that now his scent actually relaxes me. When stressed, sometimes I just want to hug and sniff my Little Man.

Holly’s our littlest Little Chicky, of course. I wonder what else we’ll come up with for her. Right after she was born, she was so loud in her protests (not even cries, PROTESTS, if you can do so by cooing) I joked with mom she was a little Dona Encrenca (Brazilian slang for “troublemaker lady”, or “cranky lady” – someone you wouldn’t want to be in a fight with). I know, I know, way to curse our daughter. I promise I haven’t called her that anymore, mostly because we’ve become much better friends. I feel like I get her now. She’s just loud, opinionated and emotional. But she’s also very sweet and talkative – I can tell she’s gonna be fun to hang out with, and possibly hilarious (she laughs in her sleep a lot lol).

Speaking of which, I’d better go see what our Little Whiny Chicky needs now…let me know what you call your children on the comments!


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