A Writer’s Maternity Leave

Barnes&Noble is still fun with 3 kids!

Doesn’t this sound hysterical? I promise, I tried to take a writing break. Wouldn’t I, if I had a regular job? And I thought that having a third kid would overwhelm me so much that a computer was sure to lose its charm.

Well, I am overwhelmed. But the typing addiction remains the same. Or worse – now it’s an escape. I used to want to write, now I kind of NEED to. To organize my thoughts and register them before the next child shriek whisks them away.

Besides getting back to freelance writing much sooner than I’d planned (which was when my youngest would sleep through the night – NOT happening yet), I also tried to update the family blog I started 4 years ago, after just becoming a mom. Back when I still had bored moments, which made me naively name it “The Bored Mommy.” Now that boredom is a distant dream, it feels like a joke. Like a cruel joke that the only people who laugh are the privileged ones out there who still pee with closed doors.

It’s time to start something new. Time to muse about motherhood AND life besides kids. Because as impossible as it once seemed for me, I’ve realized I can have both. Instead of identifying myself as “just a mom”, I can be ME. And who would that be, you might ask?

Hi, my name is Anne Prado and I’m a writing addict.


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